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Oklahoma customer very pleased!

I found out about your fence by accident. A friend was considering it for her property and gave me the link.  We are in Oklahoma and this type of fence is not typical of what the farmers and ranchers use. Barbed wire is the fence of choice, but after having horses seriously injured by barb wire, I didn’t want that route.  I had used the wire panels but after 14 years, they were bent, horses were pushing them down, and they were unsightly.  I had a friend’s granddaughter’s wedding that was coming up that Fall, and the fence was an eyesore.


We ordered the sample which was very helpful in the sale of your product. We found some brave fence builders that were willing to give it a try. We took the advice of a guy at Atwoods that was familiar with electric fence and chose to route the wire underground so we could use metal gates.


When I asked if anyone in Oklahoma had used their product, it turned out, we were going to be the first. I wanted to see it in place before I jumped off into the unknown. So I jumped anyway, and we are VERY happy with the product.  We had an ice storm and icicles dripped off the wire, we had a branch fall across it, but after it melted, removed the branch, the wire popped back and we haven’t touched it since it was installed. The crispness of the wire and visual white of the posts, have increased the looks of my property.  I use solar electric boxes and the fence stays on all the time. The horses respect it and I have only turned it off twice, when I had the wedding and  a picnic and lots of little kids running around.


It is very smart of you following up with your customers, this is a good product and it should be marketed.


Sherry Robinson


Rocky Soil? The Timeless Fence System Works!

“DON’T ever let anyone tell you that you cannot drive these posts in rocky soil, because I did it!” (After installing one hundred and fifty 6ft. Timeless Fence T-Posts in very rocky Texas soil.) “I feel certain that these posts will be in place for many years.”


Russ Schubert

Cleburne, TX

Charlie Abel received a free sample kit from Timeless Fence in May 2015.

 "Wow - got my free sample in the mail today - this fence looks bullet proof - and better than the competition posts I've seen. I like the Timeless fence so much I became a dealer so I could help other people have a trouble free electric fence too."

Wet Hawaii conditions are no match for the Timeless Fence System

Charlie's son inspects a tree that fell on his Timeless Fence.

 "I just cut the tree with a chainsaw and it bounced back up good as new, no repairs needed."

A view of the Demo fence in Mt. View on the Big Island of Hawaii, by Charlie's Electric Fencing. No more wild pigs coming in to destroy my garden!

Closeup of demo fence around 10 acres in Mt. View on Big Island of Hawaii. We get 130 inches of rain a year so it's critical that we have posts that don't rust or rot because they're always wet.

“We’ve been waiting for a post like this...SUPER!”

Ian Mitchell-Innes

Holistic Management International

(HMI) Certified Instructor

South Africa

"The more I use these posts the better I like them."

"MP Designs sells and installs the Timeless Fence System. This a revolutionary product for all types of fencing. It is an easy product to install, self insulating, and guaranteed for twenty years. It won't rust, rot, or break. Timeless posts are made of rigid PVC which is renewable and eco-friendly. The overall cost for labor and material is lower than conventional fence systems. It is great for high tensile, poly braid, and all type of electric fencing."


Moses A Woodson

Clarkrange, TN

Plastic Innovation P.O. Box 1178 Greeneville, TN 37744